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Sep 30, 2012 3:15am EDT
of the big cities, including the mayor of los angeles, a dem rat, came to me and unanimously and said the decline in america stems from the decline in the american family. i do think we need to strengthen family. when barbara holds an aids baby, she shows a certain compassion for family. when she reads to children, the same thing. i believe that discipline and respect for the law, all of these things should be taught to children, not in our schools, but families have to do that. i'm appalled at the highest outrageous numbers of divorces. it happens in families. it's happened in ours. but it has gotten to be too much. i think we ought to do rerespect the american o family. it can be a single-parent family. those mothers need help. one way to do it is to get the dead beat what thers to pay their obligations to the mothers. that will he strengthen the obligation to family. >> mr. perot, you have one minute. >> if i had to solve all the problems that face this country, and i could granted one wish, as we started down the trail to rebuild the job base, the schools and so on and so for
Sep 29, 2012 10:15pm EDT
. my father was a senator who strongly opposed the vietnam war. i went to college in this great city, and most of my peers felt against the war as i did. but i went anyway because i knew if i didn't, somebody else in the small town of carthage, tennessee, would have to go in my place. i served for eight years in the house of representatives and i served on the intelligence committee, specialized in looking at arms control. i served for eight years in the united states senate and served on the armed services committee. for the last eight years i've served on the national security council, and when the conflict came up in bosnia, i saw a genocide in the heart of europe with the most violent war on the continent of europe since world war ii. look, that's where world war i started in the balkans. my uncle was a victim of poisonous gas there. millions of americans saw the results of that conflict. we have to be willing to make good, sound judgments. incidentally, i know the value of making sure our troops have the latest technology. the governor has proposed skipping the next generation o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2